Real high school girls. If you want to see more realistic uniforms.

If it is not gravure idol, if you see ordinary school girls. They are also cute enough.
If you want to see a more realistic schoolgirl uniform.

Click here : japanese school uniform Video

Update frequency low. However, it is free. Japanese version only. Translation is possible although it is not complete. I will think about the English version.

Japanese high school girl uniforms 688

Video school uniform

high school uniform

A sailor
Navy pleated skirt
Overnee High Socks

It may be a movie whose preferences are divided.

Japan is a season that is easy to spend.

Today, when I was walking in the city, I could already see school girls only with blouses.
She has a thing of such a degree that she can not hide in her uniform.
She has a long skirt and high socks, so I do not know what kind of build.
Unlike uniforms in movies, is it healthy feeling the same?

Last year I felt like a lot of slim leg girls high school girls, but from April of 2017, I feel that chance for a girls high school girls who are too thin to see a little has decreased.

It is real, I do not see the combination of a uniform and an overnight high socks.
I have seen only the past two times.

Is it by region?