Real high school girls. If you want to see more realistic uniforms.

If it is not gravure idol, if you see ordinary school girls. They are also cute enough.
If you want to see a more realistic schoolgirl uniform.

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Update frequency low. However, it is free. Japanese version only. Translation is possible although it is not complete. I will think about the English version.

Japanese high school girl uniforms 678

Video school uniform

high school uniform

Blazer style
Ribbon Tie
Check pleat skirt
Navy High Socks

The middle school student entered the middle of May and the school girls who did not wear a blazer increased.

Ribbon tie with red and silver stripes in navy blue. I think whether Ribbon Thai I see, comparatively.
I think that I often see a check pleat skirt with a red line.

Although it does not understand whether it is different high school uniform like every year or renewal, you can see various check pleat skirts.

Since it is this state in part of the Tokyo metropolitan area, I think that there are various check pleat skirts as it becomes nationwide.

Actually there is a means to investigate.
However, if you do not understand Japanese you may not be able to use it.
Moe picture on Twitter is good, too.