Real high school girls. If you want to see more realistic uniforms.

If it is not gravure idol, if you see ordinary school girls. They are also cute enough.
If you want to see a more realistic schoolgirl uniform.

Click here : japanese school uniform Video

Update frequency low. However, it is free. Japanese version only. Translation is possible although it is not complete. I will think about the English version.

Japanese high school girl uniforms 621

Video school uniform

high school uniform

Blazer style
Ribbon Tie
Check pleat skirt
White High Socks

I feel like I have seen a beige check pleat skirt.
I feel like I have not seen it recently.
Especially with check pleat skirt, I do not see much combination of white high socks.
There seems to be a reason that “legs look thick”.

Personally, I think that “I want a high school girl to wear a white high-socks.” rather than the ordinary socks I see from the year 2016.

Another personal hobby, I like black hair ‘s long straight, but shortcuts are also good.